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Tropical Kingbird in Encinitas

Hello birders!

Patti Koger and I had a TROPICAL KINGBIRD in Encinitas on Monday, Mar. 16 at the private non-profit Coastal Roots Farm.  It was hanging out on the eastern border of the farm along with some Cassin's Kingbirds and a Western Kingbird.  I went back on Wednesday to document.  So it's not a chaseable bird at the farm but might very well be found in one of the fields or the park to the east in which direction it flew around 8:15am on Wednesday. There are a couple of ID photos and a weak recording on the eBird report:

We hadn't noted this bird in our monthly volunteer surveys at the Farm or at the neighboring San Diego Botanic Garden.  Would it be a wintering bird we missed? One that wintered nearby?  Or an early and unusual spring migrant?

Eve Martin
Del Mar, California
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports