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Trip #423 juvenile red-footed booby

9:28 am

Have done another half-dozen trips on the Hornblower this past month.
There have been no seabirds offshore; on each trip we made it out to the 9-Mile Bank, but even there all we saw were pelicans and gulls, and a surprising number of elegant terns.
On 3 trips, I had not a single seabird [alcid, booby, tubenose, jaeger etc.]: a total of 68 miles of transit.

Yesterday I was fortuitously joined by Lesley Handa.
She saw a single black-vented shearwater about 4 miles offshore. I missed it.
Then we headed to the Bank where we came upon 2 gray whales.
As we idled along with the whales, a juvenile red-footed booby came up to the boat and flew just 10 feet over our heads.
One of the tourists near us was able to snap a cellphone photo of it as it flew away; identifiable as to species.

Total distance traveled 21 miles: 2 seabirds. The 1 seabird per 10 miles distance is pretty much the average right now.

Stan Walens, San Diego
March 30, 2024; 8:20 am