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Trip #416 3 species of booby, pink-footed shearwaters

9:03 pm

Overcast skies and wind waves made for difficult viewing conditions.
We headed south for 4 miles then turned NW until we were 10 miles offshore due west of La Jolla.
We covered a lot of miles.
A large pod of maybe 40 Risso’s dolphins attracted all the whale-watching boats to the same 1/4 mile of ocean.
6 large vessels and 5 zodiacs. An impressive pod of boats.
No whales.

Birds, nearly all out at least 7 miles from shore, were:
115 black-vented shearwaters
2 sooty shearwaters
5 pink-footed shearwaters
8 rhinoceros auklets
3 jaegers, a beautiful adult dark-morph pomarine jaeger, and a light-morph pomarine predating an adult parasitic jaeger
a black-and-white booby seen too distantly to identified [Sula indeterminata]a subadult intermediate-morph red-footed booby roosting on the #5 buoy, so 1-2 miles outside the entrance to the harbor
not a lot of birds total, and still very few gulls, terns and even pelicans offshore

Ocean conditions are going to be gnarly starting tonight.
Don’t know if anyone will be trying to get offshore before the pelagic trips that are part of the bird festival next week.

Stan Walens, San Diego
Feb 17, 2024; 3:54 pm