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Trends and miscellanea

3:09 pm

My impressions of a number of our scarce but regular wintering landbirds during late November and the first third of December are that doing well are Plumbeous Vireo and White throated Sparrow and Black throated Gray Warbler and Summer Tanager, doing sort of average are Gray Flycatcher and Bullocks Oriole and Western Tanager, and doing below average are Yellow and Wilson’s Warblers.

Today I had a new Plumbeous Vireo along Market Creek behind the Joe and Vi Jacobs Center and Market Creek Plaza shopping center, and a new Nashville Warbler at the Cultural Educational Complex adult education center. A Western Tanager at the zoo and a Black throated Gray in Ocean Beach.
The Painted Redstart continues today at the Tierrasanta substation, as usual in the trees immediately to the right of the gate. In past winters, this bird waxes hot and cold and can be quite easy to find for a week or two or three and then be virtually impossible for a few weeks and then get easier again for a while. It has been very easy the past few weeks immediately to the right of the gate, but it may change at some point….. Farther down the road, the two Greater White-fronted Geese continue at the Admiral Baker Golf Course pond.
Paul Lehman, San Diego