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Tortugas Trip in April

For anyone who was interested in my previous post about a trip to the Dry Tortugas, Wildside Nature Tours has just made the whole thing even more complicated.  First I was told I couldn’t get our money back because they had to pay the boat.  Then I was told we couldn’t get our money back at all, even if they fill the boat, but could get credit for a future trip if the boat trip fills up.  However, that credit is non-transferrable and has an expiration date of Dec 2021.  For someone facing 2 years of chemo that really doesn’t help at all.  I was told though that we could fill our spots on the trip.  So I started looking on our io group and with friends.  Now I am being told that the two bed cabin that we had requested has been given away to another couple.  And that they aren’t sure if we can just transfer our spots.  They want us to have the other couple pay for the spots and then I’d have to give that couple their money back and “maybe” get a credit.  Which defeats the purpose of us making some of our money back.  They are considering letting us do a swap, but now they can’t give us an answer on whether they can do it until the end of March when our tour guide returns from birding overseas.  That would only leave two weeks until the trip leaves.  So I am sorry for wasting anyones time.  This is the first, and last time we’ll ever take a tour.  Having been a travel agent I can say that this is not the way we did business.  And adding insult to injury the tour guide had the nerve to say to me that he hoped I “could appreciate how hard this is for everyone.”  While he is giving bird tours in India.  Nice.

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports