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tijuana river valley rarities 2-19-24

4:42 pm

Rick Grove, Robert Patton, and Samantha Richter birded sites in the Tijuana River Valley this morning scouting for the Birding the Border field trips for the San Diego Bird Festival.  Nathan Goldberg, Dan Jehl, and Matt Sadowski also scouted the area and the two groups joined at the Sunset Ballfields and the Community Gardens.  (Nathan, Dan, & Matt may have additions to what’s below).

Notable species included barn swallow and at least 4 northern rough-winged swallows over the main Dairy Mart pond, 2 Wilson’s warblers and the female American redstart in peppertrees west of the west observation deck; laughing gull in the northern portion of the sod farm on the shore of the floodwater pond near other gulls; laughing gull (presumably same individual as earlier?), short-billed gull, and lesser yellowlegs in river channel east of model airplane driveway entrance; thick-billed kingbird, red-breasted nuthatch, and pair of Bullock’s orioles adjacent to Monument Rd just west of Hollister and east of Smugglers Gulch; red-naped sapsucker in the SE portion of the main tamarisk circle at Bird & Butterfly Garden; common ground-dove, female vermilion flycatcher, and tropical kingbird adjacent NE ballfield at Sunset ballfields; and gray flycatcher adjacent NNE community gardens.
R. Patton
San Diego, CA