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Tierrasanta Hepatic and other miscellanea

8:46 am

The returning male Hepatic Tanager continues sporadically in Tierrasanta but I have yet to be able to find where it is roosting, thus no public viewing session has yet to be arranged. But I’ll keep trying. The two Greater White-fronted Geese continue on the northeast pond on nearby Admiral Baker Golf Course. A splotchy male Summer Tanager continues at Via del Norte Park in southern La Jolla. An adult dark-lored White-crowned Sparrow was in central Balboa park yesterday between the Fleet Science Center and the Pepper Grove Picnic Area, with a total of 6 Western Tanagers elsewhere nearby. And Patton and Copper report the continuing Chestnut-sided Warbler yesterday around the small catchment basin at the Las Americas Mall parking lot in San Ysidro.
Paul Lehman, San Diego