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Three more Rose-breasted grosbeaks, continuing Tennessee.

7:40 am

Friday morning, a Tennessee warbler continues at the Northwest corner silvergate and Dupont in residential Point Loma, and then just a couple houses away in the yard of the second house on the left or south side of Dupont as you had West from silvergate There is a bushy tree with lots of pink and red flowers on it and in that bush are several western tanagers and three grosbeaks: a male rosebreasted, a female rose breasted, and a female blackheaded. Otherwise, so far this morning I have seen essentially no migrants! There is still a flock of seven western kingbirds out at the cemetery that have been there now almost a month and not sure what they represent, Given that I’m not sure Western kingbirds breed on outer Point Loma ever.

The third new rose breast was seen by Britta Shain at vallecito yesterday. This brings the month’s total to 10!

Paul Lehman, San Diego