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the Twin Trails parrot

The bird being reported as a Red-lored Parrot in eBird is problematic, given the large amount of red bleeding into the cheeks. I've contacted all observers to date, but to head off future misidentifications, I figured I'd write a note. A few people with more urban Amazona experience than I have suggested it's likely a Red-lored x Red-crowned/Lilac-crowned Parrot, a hybrid, but probably best just entered as Amazona sp.  

Many of these species are reproductively isolated in their native ranges (and sadly in decline), but through introductions into our area, they are now coming into contact and hybridizing with some regularity. In this case, the behavior suggests recent escape/release and likely a bird bred in captivity – another source of odd hybrids and plumage irregularities.

Flipping through the photos on eBird below, one should see how the red is restricted to the lores in a Red-lored Parrot, hence the name.

Justyn Stahl
North Park

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports