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Tesoro Grove /Nestor Park

The rain broke just before the morning light peaked the horizon. It was brisk, fresh and beautiful out at Nestor/Tesoro this morning. Birds were everywhere as were the puddles of water. There were a large amount of birds (50) drinking from the storm drain on the southwest side of Nestor Park. The stream that flows perpendicular and under Tessor Grove Wy was flowing well and sounded amazing.

The SCISSOR-TAIL FLYCATCHER was present near the play ground before flying off to the north towards Tesoro.

Throughtout the park the warblers were everywhere. I saw a WILSON, at least 4 OCW’s, at least 5 Black-Throated Gray’s if not more, RCK’s in abundance…

I can only imagine what I missed.

Side note, there were also a lot of birds in the water near the Radio Control airport, Northern Shovlers, Herons, Egrets, Gulls, killdeer…but Inwas just driving by. Only issue, it’s nasty and you’ll get stuck if you drive very far in the mud, so use caution.

if you’re headed to TRV today, HOLLISTER IS FLOODED JUST (south) PAST the Bird and Butterfly gardens, and MONUMENT ROAD is flooded just west of holister (Smuglers Gulch) with FASTMOVING WATER!!!

Hapy New Year and Happy birding!!!
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports