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Tennessee Warbler in Hillcrest

10:38 am

Around 6:45 this morning, Merlin sound ID picked up a Tennessee Warbler.  This sounded more plausible than the Spotted Sandpiper it picked up yesterday, but due to freeway noise I can’t always pick the suggested bird out of the recording.  It’s not a song I’m familiar with, so I played it for myself a couple of times and waited.  About ten minutes later, I heard that song produced loudly from the tall eucalyptus in back of our place, but I couldn’t get a visual, until the bird flew out and across our street to land in a neighbor’s tree.  Here I was able to get photos.  I lost the bird after this, and it has not been seen or heard from again.  Folks interested in trying for it (year listers, 5MR enthusiasts, etc.)  may contact me for deets, but my guess is the bird was just passing through and is already outta here.  This is the second record at our location.  We’ve had ok variety, but weak numbers in migration here so far.

Checklist with passable ID photos here:

Cheers,  Tuck Russell