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Tennessee Warbler at Kimball Park and various continuing birds

I had a Tennessee Warbler at Kimball Park in National City this morning (9/22/18). It was in the NW corner of the park, in a large tipu tree (the largest tipu in the area) near the bathroom. There was around five Yellow Warblers in the same tree which made keeping track of the Tennessee rather tough — I didn't get any meaningful pictures. The park overall was quite birdy. I'm surprised this park isn't birded more as it's one of the larger urban parks, has good habitat, and has had a few notable birds in the past. Anyway, definitely a park worth poking around in if anybody wants to burn some time looking for something new.

In the Tijuana River Valley, the Northern Waterthrush continued at the stick pond and the female American Redstart continued at the Bird and Butterfly Garden. I had no ground-doves while I was there. 

The Blackpoll Warbler at El Camino Memorial Park was easy to see at about 10am. Right where others have reported it.

Ryan Andrews
Valley Center
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports