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Tennessee, TK, Lappies, Crane

8:16 am

A Sunday p.m. check of a couple spots in the TRV area produced the continuing Sandhill Crane in the river channel way east of the model airplane facility, and a continuing Lapland Longspur in the same area present since early November. Late in the day at Nestor Park when the Cassins kingbirds return to roost there was a Tropical Kingbird with them, as there has been for multiple winters in a row, but the question is where does that bird go during the day? Is it the same bird that is occasionally seen way over at Dairy Mart as well as sometimes on the other side of I-5 near Howard Lane Park and the Iris Avenue transit station? Several of us tried for and missed the Short-eared Owls at dusk west of the campground.

Market Creek, which I think officially is in the Chollas Heights neighborhood, behind the Market Creek Plaza shopping center, had THREE Black-thr Gray Warblers.

Today, Monday, one Lapland Longspur continues at the Fiesta Island dog run, and there’s a new Tennessee Warbler in the pink flowered eucalyptus on the lawn as you enter the eastern side of Vacation Isle.
Paul Lehman, San Diego