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Tennessee, Clay-colored, Orchard, T.K., misc.

On Weds the 23rd, in the TRV, there was a Tennessee Warbler with a couple Orange-crowneds in willows near the lerpy eucalyptus along Monument Road (where the Prothonotary Warbler was), although I did not see it actually go into the eucs; a Clay-colored Sparrow (sometimes w/ a Chipping) was in the community gardens on Hollister, as were 4 continuing Yellow-headed Blackbirds (also across the street) and a dozen continuing Black-chinned Hummingbirds. Vermilion Flycatcher numbers have increased further, as there are now 2 female/imm types at the Sunset ball fields and another female on the fence at the south end of Nestor Park is likely the same individual back again for something like 6 or 7 winters now. Seemed to be a notable increase in numbers of Warbling Vireos, Western Tanagers, and Lazuli Buntings about today. Up in Coronado, a female Orchard Oriole and a Tropical Kingbird were along Coronado Avenue (the oriole flew into the adjoining Navy property); both birds may be returning individuals from previous winters.

Yesterday, Sep 22, I had my first-of-season post-dawn high-overhead southbound-migrant Common Loon over Point Loma, which is slightly early. A pair of Cooper's Hawks in display flight at Point Loma and an adult Cooper's bringing a stick to improve a nest at Liberty Station both seemed like somewhat "odd" behavior for September. My first-of-season check of the dog run at Fiesta Island produced about 65 Horned Larks and plenty of Savannah Sparrows. The habitat there was recently mowed, so it is all quite short, and thus looks good for larks and longspurs later this fall.

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports