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Tennessee, Baltimore, 2 Hoodeds, Summer, dark-lored White-crowned

On Friday morning the 7th, I birded a number of spots in UTC in eastern La Jolla and had several reasonable birds. The best was a Tennessee Warbler that is in heavily blooming pink-flowered eucalyptus trees over the chain-link fence that forms the southeast boundary of Doyle Community Park, near the fenced-in dog run. The yellow-rumped warblers here are merciless in their chasing everything out of the trees so I would guess the Tennessee is going to have to be very sneaky to survive there. At the very western edge of Doyle Park in a flock of White-crowneds there is an adult dark-lored white-crowned sparrow, very rare along the coast. Presumably of the subspecies oriantha. By the way, my auto-spell-correct just changed dark-lored to Dark Lord, so I guess we can refer to this bird as Darth Vader….

Also this morning in UTC there is a full adult male Baltimore Oriole in the pink flowered eucalyptus tree at the corner of Camino Raposa and Camino Calma, which is off of Arriba Street a short block from the nice little Genesee Highlands HOA park. And there was a young male Summer Tanager in the park at the corner of Towne Center Drive and Renaissance Avenue.

Yesterday afternoon I finally saw the Lesser black-backed gull in Coronado, and as has been the case recently it was on the jetty in front of the hotel close to low tide.

On Wednesday the 5th, within a half-mile or so of the San Diego Mission I had a flock of four orioles which contained two Hooded Orioles, one of which was an adult male and one was a female, and two Bullock's; as well as a black-throated gray warbler which has returned to the same trees for at least five or six winters now, and a Red-naped Sapsucker.

— Paul Lehman,. San Diego

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