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Tecolote Canyon – Odd Duck

As I headed into Tecolote Canyon this morning (Via Las Cumbres trailhead), what appears to be a domestic type hybrid white-and-black duck (red eye-ring, reddish bill), possibly an escaped pet, flew out of the canyon, chased by crows, and landed on Glidden St., near  the intersection with Via Las Cumbres, adjacent to the USD lower campus (athletic fields and dorms). Not very frightened of humans or dogs. My wife, Janis Cadwallader, and I first observed this duck in our cul de sac (about a block away) on Thursday evening, Oct. 28.There is a house on Gardena St. that backs up to the creek that has domestic chickens. I don’t know if it has any ducks or waterfowl.Photos with the eBird checklist:– Larry EdwardsSan Diego, CA