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Sweetwater Reservoir and Mount Helix

Sweetwater Reservoir and Mount Helix
By {authorlink} – 9:34 am

Monday morning in the drippy fog there were two inland Elegant terns flying around Sweetwater Reservoir, but which appear to have likely departed while I was there, and also a breeding plumaged Pacific Loon swimming around the upper end. Presumably these are birds that are coming out of the Gulf of California and over the mountains and heading to the coast.

At the summit of Mount Helix, a rare coastal Brewer’s Sparrow continues today, first found yesterday by Barbara Wise, in a small group of Chipping and White crowned sparrows on the slope downhill from the road from just before the portapotty to just after the portapotty. Also a male McGillivray’s warbler just past the portapotty. But it is drippy and fog enshrouded and not many birds overall.
Paul Lehman, San Diego