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Sweetwater Bald Eagle and geese, another Baltimore

On Sunday, Sweetwater Reservoir hosted an adult Bald Eagle, very rare near the coast (but Sweetwater has had multiple records over recent years), at the upper end of the lake, where also a flock of 6 Cackling Geese and a female Hooded Merganser. Closer to the center of the lake were 2 Snow Geese with the wintering flock of Canadas (50+), as well as a flock of 10 Canvasbacks (Sweetwater also can be good for this local species). Getting late or wintering at this "inland" site was 1 American Avocet and a good total of 200 Western Sandpipers. Several Bonaparte's Gulls, 1 Brown Pelican.

Yesterday, the 14th, there was a female Baltimore Oriole on private property in Solana Beach. Almost certainly a returning bird from last winter. Given that there is now the adult male Baltimore bordering Doyle Park, folks interested in seeing this species should certainly look for that bird. Also at the Solana Beach site was an adult male Bullock's Oriole and feeders with 20 Pine Siskins in residence. Siskins have certainly arrived.

–Paul Lehman, San Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports