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Swamp Sparrow along Sweetwater River

Swamp Sparrow along Sweetwater River
By {authorlink} – 9:03 am

At 8:55 Friday morning, there’s a Swamp Sparrow along the Sweetwater River on the border of Chula Vista and National City and just east of the 2nd Avenue bridge. The tide is currently very high so the water is farther upriver than normal, which may be playing a factor here in where the bird is, or not! This is also adjacent to the KOA campground. What one can do is park along 2nd Avenue in the dirt parking area on the south side of the bridge and underneath the Highway 54 eastbound overpass. Although this isn’t the greatest place to leave a car unattended so I wouldn’t have anything valuable in it. And then walk the dirt levee road to the east about a hundred feet east from the eastbound 54 bridge.

There is also a female Summer Tanager along the edge of the KOA property.
Paul Lehman, San Diego