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Swallows bordering Saltworks including four Banks

9:39 am

With the arrival of cooler and overcast weather, Friday morning between 9:00 and 9:30 a.m. there’s a concentration of over 60 swallows working back and forth along the tidal channel and dike and residential streets bordering the salt works between the end of 13th and the end of 10th. The birds come and go. The flock is comprised mostly of Barn swallows, but with four Bank swallows, as well as five or so Trees, two Rough-wingeds, and three getting slightly late Cliffs. For an appreciable length of time, a good percent of the birds actually were perching on utility lines immediately west of the end of 12th, providing for good looks and good comparisons of species to species. The Banks are the smallest birds, palest Brown, with very fresh feathering and nice pale edges to some of the upperpart feathers, not to be confused with the duller Rough wings or a couple molting, larger, immature Trees which show duskier/weaker partial darkish breast-bands.

This morning at Sweetwater Reservoir were the two continuing Neotropic cormorants and continuing adult Bald eagle.
Paul Lehman, San Diego