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Swainson’s Hawks in Borrego Spring-Over 500

8:19 pm

Between 6 and 7pm we watched as hundreds of Swainson’s Hawk meandered about very high. Before 7pm at least 600 descended into the Date Farm. Perhaps another 100 are near the potato fields. Tomorrow with a light wind, the hawks may not leave town until after 8:30am. They may go to the dunes area immediately east of the Date Farm before going east to pick up flying ants. I will be stationed at the dunes to the east of the Date Farm by 7:30am. By 8am if the hawks are moving out to feed, I may go to the potato fields off of Henderson Rd. Grasshoppers as well as flying ants are food items that the hawks will follow. This morning we counted over 250 hawks, mainly feeding on flying ants before migrating north.
Best viewing tomorrow:
1. 1.8 miles north of Palm Canyon Dr. on Borrego Valley Rd. The hawks in the Date Farm will probably leave early with some flying to dunes to the east, some going to feed on flying ants at the potato fields and some remaining in the Date Farm. I’ll be at the Date Farm until 8am and then may depart for the potato fields. 
2. From the official count site on DiGiorgio Rd, 2.8 miles north of Palm Canyon Drive. The leader at this site can direct you to where hawks are feeding. 
Hal Cohen
Borrego Springs