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Swainson's Hawks Continue in Borrego Springs

Today over 300 Swainson's Hawks kettled up and migrated from Borrego Springs. The past week has seen more than 5,000 SW's migrating. Although the official count ended March 31, the number of hawks entering the valley since April 4th has continued. We cannot guarantee that the phenomena is a daily event. Each morning for the past 8 days a visit to Henderson Canyon Rd. has revealed the presence of a number of hawks. There are still caterpillars in the valley and many hawks are aerial feeding most likely on Painted Lady Butterflies. We have not observed hawks entering the valley in the evening. So ALERTS have not been sent to our list of almost 400 folks. The phenomena could end abruptly. Tomorrow we will be stationed on Henderson Rd around 2 miles east of Borrego Valley Rd. The hawks have been active from 8am to 9:45am. Below is today's youtube:

Hal Cohen
Borrego Springs

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports