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Swainson’s Hawks and Turkey Vultures in Borrego Springs This Evening

Swainson’s Hawks and Turkey Vultures in Borrego Springs This Evening

By {authorlink} – 7:05 pm

This evening at 5pm approximately 150-200 Swainson’s Hawks and an equal number of Turkey Vultures migrated into Borrego Springs. The TV’s are in the Roadrunner and the hawks are spread out on the outskirts of the Roadrunner. The exact location of the hawks is a ?. Tomorrow with a very light wind the hawks and TV’s will begin migrating north between 8 and 9:30am. Best viewing from Borrego Valley Rd about 1-1.5 miles north of Palm Canyon Drive. Another possible location is on DiGiorgio Rd and the junction of Big Horn. The official day count site (2.8 miles north of Palm Canyon Drive on DiGiorgio Rd) is also a good spot to see them take off. After determining which direction they will kettle up you can drive to either Big Horn or the evening site on Borrego Valley Rd. The photo below is of the hawks very high. 
Each evening we meet on Borrego Valley Rd (1.8 miles north of Palm Canyon Drive) at 4:45pm. The hawks this evening arrived at 4:45pm. Some evenings they arrive later. From this site we can monitor the hawks and try to determine where they will be roosting. It is possible that we will have Sphinx Moths arriving soon. If so, within a few weeks we may have caterpillars (a favorite food for the hawks). With warming temperatures beginning tomorrow we will have flying ants as well. The hawks will aerial feed on the ants. 70’s and even 80 degrees is forecast for the next 10 days. Weather Underground Borrego Springs has been a dependable source of forecasting the weather. You can join the ALERT LIST by sending an email to Raptorhal3@…

Hal Cohen

Borrego Springs