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Surf Soccer “ponds” update

10:47 pm

[since nobody is receiving rare bird alerts]

The “ponds” at the Surf Soccer complex at the corner of El Camino Real and Via De La Valle are slowly shrinking but there are still good birds around and worth checking daily until it dries up completely. Today, I did a quick afternoon scan and had at least 4 continuing Lesser Yellowlegs, 1 continuing gimpy Solitary Sandpiper, and plenty of peeps to look through. I didn’t see it but Steve Perry confirmed there is still one Pectoral Sandpiper still skulking around. NOTE: There is another soccer event this weekend, so either go very early or be prepared to enter on the far east side along Via De La Valle and tell the ticket booth personnel you are there to see birds (to avoid the $20 fee).

David Trissel
San Diego, CA