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Sunset Ave. ballpark WEKI

     After missing out on the Lesser Black-backed Gull, we decided to hit a few locations in the Tijuana River Valley. I was carefully checking the kingbirds on the lines along Sunset. I noticed one was more pale than the others and assumed it was a Tropical. We parked at the middle baseball diamond and walked back to the bird in question. The lighter gray head and chest with less contrasting white throat ruled out Cassin's and Tropical. The back had a greenish wash. the tail was not notched and the bill seemed too short for a Tropical. When it flew, I was able to see the white outer edges of the outer rectrices. Crystal was able to get some photos of the undertail. Photos on eBird:

     Nothing much to report to at the Bird and Butterfly Garden. Very quiet. The highlight was two freshly hatched Pond Sliders that the park ranger had found digging their was out of their nest. 

     The main pond at Dairy Mart Ponds was busy but nothing out of the ordinary.

Jeff Spaulding
San Diego, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports