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Sunday May 7th. Buena Vista Audubon Pelagic Birding trip

6:50 am

Hello all,

This Sunday, May 7th. is the first BVAS sponsored spring pelagic birding trip offshore for 2023. We will be aboard the 80ft. Legacy, out of Seaforth Landing in Mission Bay. We will target San Diego waters to the Nine and Thirty Mile Banks, and out to western limit of the county, weather and seas permitting. That area has not been visited recently, so it will be interesting to see what we will find there.
There are spaces available, and if you’d like to join our adventure. Cost is $160. Call directly to the landing, at 619 224-3383 for your reservation.
“”For those of you already signed on, be aware there is a special event going on in Mission Bay that morning. Signs are up indicating road closures from 4 a.m. to noon. I have been told that you will still be allowed through, but that there will be traffic control and lane closures. I would recommend allowing perhaps 5 or 10 extra minutes to make the 6 to 6:15 a.m. check-in at the Seaforth office.
Parking should be as normal. Remember to park only in the Seaforth Sportfishing Landing Parking lot, or on the street. Both are free.
The parking lots to the left and right of the Seaforth Sportfishing Landing are permit parking only and may tow your vehicle.
The last note is to come prepared for cool temps. The ocean here is colder than normal right now, and with any breeze, and little or no sun, the air can be quite chilly. Layers are the order for the day, with maybe an extra layer.
I hope to see you out there,
Dave Povey