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Sunday 12-09-2018 half day pelagic

Four of us ventured out of Mission Bay this morning. Overall bird numbers were low. One or two well seen and photographed Sooty Shearwaters were out of season. I believe there were two. Photos should prove one way or the other.

Both appeared to be in high plumage and healthy.

Bonaparte's Gull numbers were up from the Nov. 27 th. trip to the same area. Black-vented Shearwater, and Cassin's Auklet numbers were both down from that trip.

Most everthing well offshore, as in beyond 5 or six miles or more. That doesn't bode well for San Diego's count circle.

The North Mission Bay Jetty had a single Black Turnstone, and five Surfbirds. The return trip past the South Jetty had three Surfbirds.

A partial list from ocean;

Brant   30

American Wigeon   1

Surf Scoter    10

Pacific Loon    115  (most in two large flight groups)

Western Grebe   1

Sooty Shearwater   1 or 2

Black-vented Shearwater   450

Brown Booby    6

Brandt's Cormorant   8

Brown Pelican  16

Red Phalarope    16

Pomarine Jaeger    4

Cassin's Auklet   60

Bonaparte's Gull    535

Heermann's Gull    6

Western Gull    150

Herring Gull   1

California Gull   125

Royal Tern   1


We had a good size pod of offshore Bottle-nosed Dolphin west of Pacific Beach, and a very distance breeching whale on the Nine MIle Bank.


Dave Povey




Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports