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Summer Tanager Marcy Park

Headed over to Villa La Jolla Park around 7AM to look for the Summer Tanager that's been there.  This was my third try and I struck out (3 strikes).  Still several Hooded Orioles around there though, along with Pacific Slope Flycatchers and Orange-Crowned Warblers. 

Headed over to Marcy Park in La Jolla around 8 AM and the bright red male Summer Tanager was out and about, being very vocal.  He stayed up in the high Eucalyptus trees on the SE corner of the park, the fence nearest the school area and Stresemann Street.  He would go into a leafy Eucalyptus tree on school property periodically.  He seemed to have a circular route he would run around the neighborhood.
He returned about 8:30 AM and was hawking very low and on the ground in a low, wide pine tree in the center of the park very near the street.  He was not shy and was being very territorial with other flycatchers and the Western Bluebirds.  Finally got to see a male Summer Tanager low to the ground.
Photos from the park and the Cove today here –
-Roger Uzun
Poway CA

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports