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Summer Tanager in Hillcrest

We live at the end of a finger canyon about 1/2 north of the Marston House.  This morning around 8:30, I heard descending “pit-uh-tuk” call from down the canyon for a few minutes, but I couldn’t see the source from my deck through the canopy of trees. Then a robin sized, completely red bird (including undersides of wings) with a big pale bill flew right over me. Red wings eliminate SCTA, and call eliminates HETA. This is the third sighting of a SUTA here in the past two years.  This isn't really a chaseable bird, but it might show up at the Marston House or Canyon.  Though if folks want to come hang out at my place when I'm here (tomorrow morning, for example), they may contact me.  Odds of success are low at this point, however.  Only one of the three birds sighted hung around for more than a few minutes.  That one bird was present this spring for a couple of days.

Tuck Russell
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports