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storm-petrels, boobies, oystercatchers

Early this morning, Thursday, a 45-minute seawatch at La Jolla recorded continuing large numbers of Black Storm-Petrels just offshore, with ca. 1000 present. Also seen after much staring were 2
ASHY Storm-Petrels mixed in (at one point they were together)–rare to very rare from shore. But clearly the past few years something "different" has been going on with from-shore Black Storm-Petrels, given their increasing numbers and first appearing earlier in the spring than previously. And this year, they are also visible from shore off Imperial Beach and southernmost Coronado, where I saw about 20 yesterday morning–perhaps the first time I've ever seen them there. Also at La Jolla today were 3 long-continuing Black Oystercatchers, which frequent the shore anywhere from the Cove itself south to a little south of Children's Pool. And also off Imperial Beach yesterday was a concentration of 9 Brown Boobies, fishing over a school of Common Dolphins and lots of pelicans right off the Tijuana R. mouth.

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports