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Stilt sandpiper, Northern parula, 2 bank swallows, clay colored, four vermilions

I am dictating this message from the field so please excuse all the typos which I cannot possibly correct all of them. Friday morning there was a male northern parula at the corner of DuPont and Gage in residential Point Loma, and nearby was a quickly disappearing migrant, adult male vermilion flycatcher. I then headed to the South Bay and had a juvenile stilt Sandpiper at the salt works, which after a few minutes got up all by itself and flew South. However, just east of the end of 13th there was a long staying concentration of swallows containing about a hundred barns and 20 trees, and with them were at least two bank swallows. Also a yellow-headed blackbird there. At the community gardens on Hollister was a continuing clay colored sparrow. as well as a lingering hooded oriole and still several black chinned hummingbirds. Numbers of migrants seem to have improved a bit with multiple Pacific slope flycatchers and a fair number of Townsend's warblers and a hermit warbler and several warbling vireos and numbers of Western tanagers in the valley. The vermilion flycatcher population at the sunset ball fields has risen yet again and now numbers three female or immature type Birds. And last, at 3:30 p.m. the blackburnian warbler still continues with the flock of other warblers between the entrance Road and amphitheater at Harry Griffen Park.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports