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Stilt Sandpiper and Blackpoll Warbler

On Monday morning the 13th from 8 to 9 a.m. which is close to high tide there is a breeding plumage Stilt Sandpiper on the Salt Works pond at the end of 13th Street. The bird is way off to the right or east side of that pond exactly where the american golden-plovers were a year ago in latter May. It is hanging out with some Western sandpipers and two Dunlin. When it is feeding you can see it with your scope set at maximum power but when it goes to sleep with the peep it is impossible to pick out. Also the usual small flock of basic plumaged plovers and dowitchers and knots which includes several Red Knots in full breeding plumage. Most of these birds will be here only at and near high tide but it is possible the Stilt Sandpiper won't leave, but who knows. Certainly the lighting will get worse as the day goes on due to heat distortion. A reasonable number of landbird migrants in the TRV today and a getting late female Bufflehead on the main Dairy Mart pond.

Barbara Carlson reports that the male Blackpoll Warbler continues today at Santee Lakes at the usual spot before 7 a.m. Be aware that almost all the sightings of this bird the past several days have only been from early in the morning and that it has been missed later in the day by at least a number of long-staying birders.

Paul Lehman,  San Diego

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