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southern Balboa Park miscellanea

southern Balboa Park miscellanea
By {authorlink} – 11:04 am

Given that the area around the southern part of Balboa Park receives less coverage than the rest of the park in winter, I thought I’d I’d give it a check on Sunday AM. At San Diego City College, a roosting Great Horned Owl seemed to be in a more urban setting than usual, although Balboa Park isn’t too far away. In the park itself, there was a new, dull White-throated Sparrow with White-crowneds near the corner of Russ X 27th, as was a single continuing Lark Sparrow. Nearby at Golden Hill, there were two Summer Tanagers together. And in nearby South Park, the long lines of tipu trees along Fern Street had a Nashville Warbler and Bullock’s Oriole.
–Paul Lehman, San Diego