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south bay & TJRV misc rarities 11-13-20

This morning (11-13-20), Elizabeth Copper, Matt Sadowski, and I had the continuing 2 green-tailed towhees right at the trail entrance at the south Dairy Mart pond (within 3 fence posts east of the dogs must be leashed sign); but no luck refinding the previously reported tropical kingbird.  4 adult Ross' geese, 1 adult snow goose, and 4 juv snow geese were in the SE portion of the sod farm; the dull-colored Pacific golden-plover was with killdeer in plowed dirt in the east central portion of the sod farm.  As Paul reported, the yellow palm warbler continued at the community gardens, although we had it in the north central portion of the garden, feeding on the ground among cornstalks in plot #134 & occasionally calling, and later Matt had it in trees along Sunset.

Yesterday, while conducting snowy plover surveys in closed portions of Sweetwater Marsh NWR, Matt, Lea Squires, and I had a juv tricolored heron, adult reddish egret, surfbird, and a male McCown's longspur.  The longspur continued this morning.
R. Patton
San Diego, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports