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Some minor notes

I spent the day checking various small parks and other locations before the rain hit, mostly around National City and Chula Vista. I started off at Switzer Canyon where the only species of note was a heard-only Western Tanager. Nearby Hollywood Park didn't produce much, but there is a small flock of wintering Chipping Sparrows (I tallied 6, probably more) as usual. At Kimball Park in National City I found a male Wilson's Warbler in some willows along the ditch on the south/southeast side of the park. Eucalyptus Park (Chula Vista) didn't have much, but an out of place California Scrub-Jay was a surprise. Hilltop Park, also in Chula Vista, produced the best bird of the day in the form of an apparent Tropical Kingbird in the sycamores right next to the parking lot. I say "apparent" because it was only in view for about a minute and never called, so I am technically not able to entirely rule out Couch's. I briefly checked for the Little Stint with no luck but did see a Reddish Egret west of 7th St (in the pond south of the bikeway). I was surprised to tally 113 (rounded to 115) Dunlin at El Carmel Point in Mission Bay, by far the highest count I've had in the winter. The Cackling Goose continues on Santa Clara Point.

All in all a nice morning checking some parks that aren't covered frequently. 

Ryan Andrews
Valley Center
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports