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Solitary Vireo trifecta at Salina Highlands!

9:10 am

Just before dark yesterday, Mel Senac photographed what looked like a good candidate for blue-headed vireo in trees surrounding the Solana Highlands Elementary School. This morning he and others returned and refound the bird, singing, both in Torrey pines in front of the school on the south side and well behind the school around the ball field where all the tipu trees are. The bird was frequenting both pines and tipus. Soon thereafter they found a duller bird that looks like a Cassins vireo in the photos I have seen, and then after that when I finally arrived there was a singing Plumbeous vireo also behind the school, possibly a returning winter bird from last year. Soon after 8:00 a.m., however, all the birds largely shut up and therefore have gotten much much harder to find. They seem to be roving all over the property by themselves. And just before 9:00 a.m. we refound the blue headed vireo at the northeast corner of the ball fields in tipus, but again stuff just wandering everywhere.

Also a Hammond’s flycatcher here.
Another Plumbeous vireo continues this morning at the campground above the lakes at Santee Lakes.
Paul Lehman,  San Diego