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Smuggler’s Gulch Drainage west of Hollister in the TRV

11:34 am

The temporary wetland west of Hollister St created by the recent flooding out of Smuggler’s Gulch was pretty loaded up with peeps and plovers this morning, along with some White-faced Ibis, Black-necked Stilts, Bonaparte’s Gulls, piles of Pipits and one hungry Peregrine Falcon. I couldn’t discern anything out of the ordinary, but a lot of birds were beyond my binocular range and I bring this up because it’s a spot that doesn’t get many eyes on it vs something like the field south of the Sod Farm. A scope is definitely recommended to pick through all the birds among the trash and ingress into the area is quite easy at 32.5480324, -117.0884443 with a decent elevated view, and the sand was firm enough for walking on if you want to get closer to the action. Just watch your step around the heaps of garbage and maybe disinfect (or burn) your shoes afterwards.

Andrew Newmark
Chula Vista, CA