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Silky Oak Indigo Bunting, 06 June, Wednesday

While birding the Pt. Loma residential neighborhood, I espied a conical bill and a bluish feathered body in the shadows of a Silky Oak. With further efforts by the whole group (but no photos), we determined the bird exhibited wings that were slightly darker blue than its body, and a fairly narrow tail, notched at the end, which it occasionally flicked from side-to-side. Sue noted the raising of its head crest and its slightly curved culmen. 
It fed in the mid-level of the Silky Oak until it was chased out by another bird. It did not vocalize nor did it return to the same tree. It spent its time in the shadows, never coming to the edge of the tree, so we did not get stellar looks.
Please see the eBird report for further details:

Barbara Carlson  
San Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports