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SDFO notice regarding upcoming meetings and The Skimmer

Greetings all:
Here's an update regarding SDFO and our meetings. Our meetings to date (2020) have been scheduled in San Diego Public Libraries. Unfortunately, these were some of the first buildings to be shut down by the virus. We strongly doubt that we will be able to hold an in-person May meeting there.
The Board has been looking into options, and we have decided to have a "Zoom" teleconferencing meeting in May. Zoom is a conferencing app that allows groups to interact and to see presentations. 

Each SDFO member will receive an invitation by email to "attend" this electronic meeting. At the appointed time, you will simply click on the link in the email and the app will open in your browser. Only SDFO members will receive the link, hence protecting our meeting and our privacy.

Using this program is new to many of us, and it might require some instruction to bring everyone up to speed. We may have a mini-meeting as a practice session just to learn its operation.

In the meanwhile, have you received your SFDO Skimmer for the month of April? If you haven't, but have paid your 2020 dues, please contact me offline. If you'd like to pay now so you'll be able to join our Zoom meeting, please see the following link:

Stay well,

Barbara Carlson
SDFO Membership

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