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SD County Avian Database update, miscellanea

SD County Avian Database update, miscellanea
By {authorlink} – 5:31 am

First, some quick miscellanea: on 8 Dec there was a Plumbeous Vireo near the bathrooms at Gompers Park (near highways 805 X 94), a Nashville Warbler was at Kimball Park in National City, and a Black-thr Gray Warbler was at Southcrest Community Park.
The San Diego County Avian Database has been updated and is available for viewing and downloading. This resource includes avian records and other information from late 2002 through November 2022, and earlier records of interest not found in, or
data-corrected from, the “San Diego County Bird Atlas” (Unitt 2004) and “The Birds of San
Diego County” (Unitt 1984). Both the database and the atlas are available at:
If one wishes to see a complete summary of county-wide or “sub-regional” unusual occurrences, high counts, early and late dates, some population trends, etc., the best way to do that is to combine the information available in the Atlas and the Database. Unfortunately, eBird data, while extremely valuable, are still incomplete, particularly with records over about 15 years old.
–Paul Lehman, San Diego