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Scott's Orioles again

This morning I observed TWO adult female Scott’s Orioles in my yard. The female from the other day had a brownish head with a dark blotch on her breast, and was seen feeding a fledgling. The new female today has an almost entirely black head and breast, shading to dark brown on the back of the head, where it becomes mottled on the back. This female was seen repeatedly feeding a fledgling today, bringing it both bugs and suet. That young bird also visited oranges where it fed itself. I assume there were two separate SCOOR nests in my neighborhood, unless these birds are traveling to the area with young birds in tow. Only one male has been seen, however it is very flighty and pulls a disappearing act at the slightest movement. Will one male have two mates?


I also had a fledgling mockingbird in the yard this morning. Mockers visit my yard when berries are ripe (as they are now), but do not nest or sing while here. There are nearby areas where they seem to be resident. I assume this baby mocker has come from a nearby nest.


Here are the checklists from today and Tuesday with photos of the two Scott’s females:


Nancy Christensen



Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports