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Scissor-tailed etc at Twin Trails Park

Went out to Twin Trails Neighborhood Park in Rancho Penasquitos this morning to check on the Scissor-Tailed flycatcher that spends time there.  There are a lot of Western Kingbirds, Northern Mockingbirds, Black Phoebes, Says Phoebes, and Western Bluebirds that seem to like hawking along the fenceline there that separates the Schoolground Baseball field from the one in the park.  The bird seemed to spend most of its time in the Eucalyptus west of the basketball field and another more bare tree near the fenceline, as well as a lot of time on the fence itself and on the ground resting.

Also present are typical common birds such as European Starlings, Mourning Doves, Eurasian-Collared Doves, House Sparrows and House Finches.  
The Scissor tailed is pretty active there and spends a lot of time pretty low to the ground so a good spot to take photos/video if you are so inclined.
-Roger Uzun
Poway CA

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports