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Scissor tailed addendum to the addendum

Scissor tailed addendum to the addendum
By {authorlink} – 8:29 am

Sorry for yet another message, but thought it important. The Scissor-tailed and several of the Cassins Kingbirds then proceeded to fly from the Rose Garden way way way to the east as specks into the Morley Field area somewhere near the south end of where all the county equipment and vehicles are parked. Presumably this is a situation much like at places like Pogi Greenbelt where a Scissor tail was roosting and hanging out with Cassins but then the birds disperse widely during much of the day. So what will be needed is to figure out where the roost site is for these kingbirds and the scissor tail. And if one is interested in looking for it near the Museum and Rose Garden, then one should be there at the same time as today, and slightly earlier, so arriving no later than 7:30 a.m., and probably earlier, and then just try to find the roost flock before it disperses. Or see if they come back and form up somewhere locally late in the day.

Paul Lehman, San Diego