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Scarlet Tanager, Cape May & Yellow Palm Warblers, misc.

On 30 November, Haim Weizman from UCSD photo'd a female-type Scarlet Tanager at North Clairemont Park. He (or I) will post further details on the exact where and when in the near future, when known. (Be aware that there has also been at least one Western and one female-type Summer Tanager in the park during the past week.)

Today, 1 Dec, the Cape May Warbler continues at Lake Murray, but it's "office hours" in the eucalyptus tree were, again, somewhat different than in the previous two days. It was first seen with certainty at around 10AM and departed the tree a bit before 11AM, and it spent much of its time high up. Visiting birder Curtis Marantz also reports a Plumbeous Vireo at that site today. Both the "Yellow" Palm and the "Western" Palm Warblers continue today at the TRV community gardens, although they were last seen heading into the off-limits horse corrals across on the north side of the dirt (western) section of Sunset Road. The 2 Snow Geese continue at the south end of San Diego Bay, and a couple Common Goldeneyes were in the salt works pond 1/3 mile east of 13th, where several wintered last year. No surprise, the two male Vermilion Flycatchers continue at the bottom end of Nestor Park. A couple days ago there was a Black-thr Gray and Wilson's Warbler bordering Heritage Park in eastern Chula Vista.

–Paul Lehman, San Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports