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Scarlet Tanager – Balboa Park south of Natural History Building – Thursday Oct 14

Sorry for the delay. On Thursday morning at 8:50 I had a Tanager high up in a fig tree that appeared to lack wing bars, at the NE corner of Zoro Garden, which is immediately south of the Natural History Museum Building. There were also a couple of Western Tanagers in the same tree, which made it confusing and the branches and leaves made it difficult to get photos. At one point it appeared that one of the Western Tanagers drove off the Scarlet. Took photos of all and when I first reviewed my photos I missed the ones of the Tanager without wing bars so I thought they were all westerns. Later I found the other photos which Paul and Guy have reviewed. Guy indicates first year male. Paul also mentioned that the garden has large fig trees that are attractive to tanagers every fall and winter so that the bird might actually hang out there for a while, at least coming and going. Photos with my ebird report.

John Bruin
Bay Park
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports