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Sand Lake at Kit Karson Park, Escondido

Stopped briefly to locate the continuing juvenile Snow Goose on my way to an event in Valley Center.  Was pleasantly surprised to also see a pair of Hooded Merganser, one male and one female.  Always a treat!  
A very healthy, unafraid coyote came within 20 feet of me and my husband, was obviously accustomed to having duck breakfast.  The Snow Goose actually moved closer to us in order to avoid the coyote's passing.

Live in beauty….


Competitive Obedience Toolbox:
OTCH Sporting Fields Summer Solstice, UDX 9, OGM ("Dax", as in "Dax of the Long Tongue" aka 'Sir Lickalot'))
GCH OTCH Sporting Field's Quantum Leap UDX5, OGM  ('Devon'  aka "Monkey")   
Ch. Shorewind Spellbound's Dragon Rider , BN  ("Echo", aka  "Speed Bump")
Ch. OTCH Trumagik Step Aside, UDX 20, OGM   (2002 – 2015)
Ch Borderfame Soul Train, UDX, OM 3  (2006-2018)

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports