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San Pasqual Valley 3-10-19

I was encouraged by Nancy’s report of Lawrence’s Goldfinches at the Battlefield (the westerly site).  

Even with my burned-out ears I was able to find the finches in the olive trees and later feeding in fiddleneck.  There were about 12 birds.  They eventually wandered off to the east.  There is lots of fiddleneck in the valley.  Some of the stands are quite large.

Also seen at the Battlefield were BG Gnat, Cactus Wren and WC Sparrows.

At the Verger Dairy (the cows are long gone) a Common Ground Dove flew directly overhead. There were a few Western BBs, a single Loggerhead Shrike, and lots of Yellow-rumps, many picking through a ripe garbage heap. Also several Brewer’s Blackbirds.

Just down the road road a bit from the Verger Dairy there were ~60 Cedar Waxwings raiding a ripe Pyracantha.

A few photos posted at:

Eric Kallen
San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports