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San Elijo Lagoon hotspot consolidation

11:33 am

Given the interconnectedness of multiple trails now, and a tendency to go beyond hotspot “boundaries,” the number of hotspots at San Elijo Lagoon has been consolidated into three well-defined regions, with one east of I-5, one west of I-5, and one west of the train tracks. 

San Elijo Lagoon–east
San Elijo Lagoon–west
San Elijo Lagoon–west of tracks
Because the eBird app may suggest a personal location if you’re further than some distance (100 meters?) away from a hotspot pin, care will be needed to select the hotspot you’re covering. 
It’s helpful to others to describe your coverage in the checklist comments (e.g, “entered from N. Rios, but only covered the south side” or “coverage limited to the vicinity of the Nature Center,” etc.) when visiting larger hotspots. Your tracks aren’t visible to the public.  It is also recommended, for notable species, that you  provide the location of the bird within the description, especially for larger hotpots. 
Justyn Stahl
North Park