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San Diego Pelagic Birding trips for 2024

11:23 am

Hello fellow Birders,

San Diego Pelagics is excited to present its 2024 Birding Pelagic Trips. These are sponsored by Buena Vista Audubon.
Some of you have already signed on one or more of our 2024 trips. Thank you.
We’re less than a month away from the first trip on Saturday, May 18th
That trip should correspond with the peak of seabird spring migration, and give us a chance for some of the hold over wintering birds. Sooty Shearwater, Black Storm-Petrel, and Elegant Terns will all be “in town”. We should get looks at the resident soon to be split (?) Brown Booby.
Sabine’s gulls, jaegers and terns should be in high plumage. We should have good numbers of phalaropes.
We even occasionally pick a landbird migrant or two.
The second trip will be on Saturday, June 8th
May and June are nearing the end of Scripps’s Murrelets stay locally, and at this season they may even have a chick in tow. The June trip might pick up the first Craveri’s Murrelet of the season. The last few years Ashy Storm-Petrel have been somewhat regular on the May and June trips. Spring trips hold the possibility for a local albatross though rare inside the Channel Islands. Then we also hope for Cook’s Petrel. Certainly rare in most years, but there is a slightly better chance on the June and July trips ). Other spring trips have turned up S.P. Skua, Flesh-footed Shearwater, and even a Red-billed Tropicbird. All are rare. Then one can dream of other rarities. I am superstitious to name the possibilities, but every trip holds the chance of “striking gold”.  Always an adventure out there. Rarities are called that for good reason, but, as Terry Hunefeld would say ” you can’t see one while sitting on the couch at home”.
Our focus will be birds, but the spring trips also have produced some nice looks and the larger whale species, such as Blue and Fin Whales. Several species of dolphin are hard to avoid.
I hope you’ll join us. All trips are aboard the 80ft. Legacy out of Seaforth Sportfishing Landing in Mission Bay. These trips are generally about 10 – 11 hours and all attempts will be made to return to the dock no later than the stated return time of 6 p.m. We continue to hold the price at last year’s $160
To see the full schedule, trip details, directions, expected and hope for species, and past trips reports, see the website. Then to book a trip you can connect from that website or go directly to or lastly you can call the Seaforth Landing at 619 224-3383 during regular business hours Pacific Daylight savings Time. 
Just as a heads up note, fall trips book up early.

Trip dates;
May 18, 2024
June  8, 2024
July  14, 2024
August 3, 2024
August  4, 2024
August 25, 2024
Sept.  7, 2024
Sept.  8, 2024
Sept. 28, 2024 
Good Birding to you,
Dave Povey