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San Diego Christmas bird count 16 December 2023

8:49 pm

Dear friends,


Just a reminder, the San Diego Christmas bird count is one week from today, 16 December! Thanks to everyone who has signed up already. We now have over 150 participants on board, and all the areas we traditionally cover now have observers. But if you haven’t contacted the organizers (Jen Hajj, Lesley Handa, and me) yet, it’s not too late. We can always use more experienced birders. If you want to sign up, please do so through this website Jen Hajj set up for us, so we get all the critical information:


If you don’t know location of the San Diego count circle (as well as San Diego County’s other Christmas bird count circles), please see page 12 in the San Diego County Bird Atlas (


If you live within the circle and haven’t signed up already, you can contribute observations from your own yard or neighborhood. If you aren’t sure from the map whether you are in the circle or not, send a message to the organizing committee at cbc@… and we will check.


If you have offer access for the count to some area that is not generally open to the public, please contact us. We are very grateful to Peggy Wilcox and colleagues with the U.S. navy for facilitating access to the many navy lands within the count circle this year, a huge enhancement to the count.


2023 will mark the 71st continuous year for the San Diego Christmas bird count, making it San Diego’s longest-running community science event (until someone proves otherwise to me). For many species it gives us the only quantitative measure of fluctuations or trends.


Thanks for your kind support of the San Diego Christmas bird count,


Philip Unitt

San Diego